Deep Carpet Cleaning in Tallahassee, FL

All Around Town Carpet Cleaners of Tallahassee employs the Rotary Jet Extraction Method along with a 2 step process for our deep carpet cleaning service. We were one of the first carpet cleaners to use this method in the Tallahassee area and guarantee it as the most reliable way to restore the looks of even the most heavily soiled carpets. No other carpet cleaning method can come close to this process. If you are considering carpet cleaning in the Tallahassee area or replacement give us a call before you replace your carpet and let us show you what deep carpet cleaning can do for you.

 Below is an example of a typical traffic area stain found in most homes near the kitchen or front door. These stains are notoriously difficult to remove with traditional carpet cleaning methods however they are easily removed with our deep cleaning process:

Deep carpet cleaning results for heavy traffic areas||||

Here are two more before and after examples of common deep carpet cleaning results you can expect from rotary jet extraction.

The results of professional carpet cleaning in Tallahassee, FL||||How it works: We begin by using our custom 2 step pre-cleaning process, and complete the task using the rotary jet extractor. The Rotovac operates using a water detergent mixture heated to over 212 degrees Fahrenheit by a Truck-Mounted carpet cleaning unit.

Truck mounted carpet cleaning unit||||

The superheated liquid is then dispersed from 3 jets within a domed head that rotates at 250 rpm.

Interior of rotary jet||||

When the superheated liquid mixture is released by the jets it is vaporized by the change in pressure. The high speed steam rotating at 250 rpm is what makes up the vortex this is how the cleaning energy is transferred to the soiled carpet.

How a rotary jet works||||

(Animation courtesy of Jorge Stolfi:

The rotary jet extraction method is hands down the best method ensuring the deepest carpet cleaning is achieved. There are no substitutes for this method either rotary jet extraction is used by a professional carpet cleaner or there is no deep carpet cleaning.

To see how well the Rotary Jet Extraction Method cleans carpet watch as the Rotovac blasts through a soiled carpet.


If you live in Tallahassee and are considering a deep carpet cleaning for your home please take a minute to visit our Truth About Teflon page. Treating your carpets with Dupont Teflon will lengthen its lifetime as well as add protection against permanent staining.

Please call All Around Town Carpet Cleaners and make us your Tallahassee carpet cleaning specialists today!